Within These Walls…

Within these walls, I hold storms that inspire art in it’s purest state.

Within these walls, I carry enough reasons to go to war with gods.

Within these walls, I create peace and love and beauty and all things eternal.

I am. #selfstyledking


African Luxury


Echoing silence resonating in the valley of a thousand possibilities, I became me. #selfstyledking

Photo taken by Vince Banda of Kreative Kingdom Photography at the Lusaka July last weekend. The Theme of the event was “African Luxury” and attendees came to the party full on with their themed outfits. In the picture with me is Nicholas Chalwe, another natural-born fashionista.

Self Styled King


They never invited him to the table. He reached out and grabbed a seat anyway. He was not born royalty, according to society’s definition at least but he imposed himself amongst Kings and Queens until they accepted his establishment. He looked into his adversaries eyes and they could not contend with his passion. There was a fearlessness in his eyes that could only be found in the heart of a man who had known loss since conception.

His story is told after dark behind closed doors like an urban legend. He is. #selfstyledking

Model Of Possibilities…


It’s easy to call him names without knowing how many bridges he had to burn to light up your paths. You laugh at the bags under his eyes without realizing how many nights he stayed up to protect your essence. He has paid a high price to be a model of possibilities…And if you are mad at that, you will be mad forever.